LISTEN: Stephen Day Proves Nashville Has R&B Flair On Laidback “Back of My Hand”

In October of 2019, Nashville-based Indie-pop artist Stephen Day released his first full-length album Guess I’m Grown Now. His catalog has now seen close to 29 Million streams. Prior to COVID, he was set to sell out his first headline tour after playing the Wanderland Festival in Manila, Philippines. Now with the world in a continuous frame of uncertainty, one thing you can depend on is Stephen Day’s ability to move forward one song at a time.

“I wanted to try my hand at a more R&B sound for this one. Laidback and not too much happening anywhere. Just a slow ride. I love guys like D’angelo and Mayer and this one feels like an ode to them. This one like the others is an example of putting my songwriting style on top of a multitude of influences that inspire me sonically. This one especially comes through in an obvious way to me though,” says Day.

Day’s buttery new single “Back Of My Hand” (below) features complex vocals with a minimalistic and funky –  yet restrained –  backbeat. Day croons with a welcoming spirit, reverberating direct lyrics with a colorful freedom echoing Blood Orange’s expressive soul.

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