LISTEN: Montreal’s Rosier Push Harmonic Boundaries On Intricately Warm “Mad River”

Montreal-based Rosier formerly known as Les Poules A Colin – pushes further exploration of the connections between Québec folk and the mix of indie, jazz, pop, bluegrass and contemporary styles. The group’s five members immerse us in their universe through original compositions, sophisticated arrangements, harmonic progressions, and reinvented traditions. The bilingual band injects exuberant color into folk traditions, taking its roots and spinning this foundation into a movement. The result is mature, well-controlled music filled with emotion and a surprising freshness that is relevant in today’s shifting climates. The band has created a layered sound that connects generations through origin and craft, reclaiming and interpreting the romantic traditions of Québécois folk through a modern lens.

Rosier fashions their own brand of psych/pastoral indie-folk on their new single “Mad River.” This eclectic band delivers an enchanting atmospheric sound, hypnotic acoustic guitar lines, and stirring vocal harmonies. Rosier’s multilayered sound is reminiscent of the drifting folk of Laure Viers and First Aid Kit, mixed with their own north of the border textural ingredients.

“Mad River” is a song about existential questions and feelings of helplessness. Juxtaposing geographical and metaphorical places that continue to haunt us. Imbued with tones that are both abrupt and harmonious, the music is meant to capture you with nostalgic sweetness, only to then leave you in a fever of heart-wrenching uncertainty,” describes the band.

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