LISTEN: Singapore’s Subsonic Eye Unearth Fantastical Musical Colors On ‘Unearth”

Photo by Christopher Sim

Singaporean indie outfit Subsonic Eye is releasing their anticipated debut album entitled Strawberry Feels on the label Middle-Class Cigars on April 21st.

The five-piece band has gained a following in Singapore and around the rest of Asia since the release of their demo EP “We Feel Ethereal After Midnight” as they have matured and refined their craft over time, developing their sound into the lush, dreamy soundscapes that are well showcased in Strawberry Feels. With the release of their debut album Strawberry Feels, the band is looking to branch out to an international audience.

Check out Subsonic Eye’s new single “Unearth” which features dynamic electricity, two electric guitars, and campy indie rock sensibilities ala Deerhoof and The Go! Team. Coupled with an animated film by Arius Ziaee, we enter a stimulating world of gentrification and ecological destruction where vocalist Nur Wahidah’s mindscapes are interpreted through looping tapestries of fantastical colors.

Photo by Christopher Sim

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