LISTEN: Melbourne’s Daniel Trakell Delivers Tender Down Under Folk Via “So Long”

Daniel Trakell’s double-tracked vocal style has drawn comparisons to artists like Elliott Smith and early Bon Iver. Working with his friend and frequent collaborator Joshua Barber (Gretta Ray, Gotye) in the studio, Trakell thrived in Barber’s new home of Nashville.

Trakell shines with melodic and vocal magnetism on his new single “So Long” where he weaves his way through a tastefully engineered rock and roll framework, with a stellar guitar solo toward the end. Trakell evokes a sense of comfort and brings to mind the adventurous folk of James Bay and Dermot Kennedy.

“‘Let Me Be” is a song about falling behind, burning out and needing some time out from it all for a little while, respectfully asking for some space,” says Trakell.

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