LISTEN: Philip Bowen Offers Classic Americana Sound On Fiddle Fueled “Do It Again”

Philip Bowen is a singer-songwriter who grew up in West Virginia and writes songs that lift the spirit and embrace the soul. His songwriting is heavily influenced by his Appalachian roots and the styles of music that echo through the mountains. He’s a talented multi-instrumentalist specializing in guitar and fiddle.

Bowen delivers a crafty new Americana single “Do It Again” (below). Interwoven with an old-time fiddle sparkle and restrained lead guitar, Bowen drives the tune with a golden voice and quick-witted wordplay. An Americana gem, “Do It Again” draws comparisons to twangy tastemakers Jason Isbell and Morgan Wallen.

“Do it Again” is all about living life with eyes forward and not being hung up on a past that you can’t change,” says Bowen about the track. “I was inspired to write this when I heard a story about a man who drove an old pickup truck with no rearview because he said “We ain’t going backwards!” – I wanted this tune to have a classic Americana sound so we have these cool fiddle harmonies interweaved with acoustic guitar and flowing melody.”

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  1. To listen to Philip is to love him and his wonderful, heartfelt, soul inspired music!
    He is a prize and if you want to get lucky,
    listen to his gems!

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