VIDEO PREMIERE: Annie DiRusso Rocks DIY Style On Magnetic “Judgements From The World’s Greatest Band”

Annie DiRusso is a Nashville and New York City-based indie-rock artist who wears the influence of her two cities on her sleeve. She seamlessly blends garage rock and high energy performance art with a pop-informed Nashville flair. DiRusso is currently at work on her debut album, due to be released tentatively in late 2021.

DiRusso shares a catchy and self-assured Courtney Barnett sounding indie-rock gem on her new single “Judgements From The World.” Boasting colorful and restrained instrumentation, DiRusso’s voice soars with magnetic charm while she delivers playful and authentic witticism. Glide is pleased to premiere the video for  “Judgements From The World” – a  playful and lighthearted flick that invites us into the colorful and unassuming world that DiRusso confidently occupies. 

DiRusso delves deep into the inspiration behind this rocker.

“Judgements” is probably the first song of mine that after finishing the recording I felt needed a video. I reached out to Jessica DiMento to see if she would be interested in directing and she quickly brought her vision and excitement to the project. We then brought on Tanner Deutsch as the cinematographer and we hit the ground running. We spent 5 days morning to night filming this video and it was a great experience, we had friends from Nashville come to help us out which made for a really lovely time spent working hard with friends. The concept for the video is me experiencing the fall out after having a one night stand. It’s me in different situations over a long period of time remembering it and reacting to it. We wanted to capture that feeling of when you’re just doing normal things like hanging out with friends and all of the sudden a cringey moment from the past pops into your head. Jessica and Tanner both added so much creativity and talent to this video and created a supportive environment in which I feel like we were able to make a video that really shows my personality.

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