LISTEN: Graeme James Crafts Rich Winter Folk On Thematic “No Memories of Tomorrow.”

Graeme James is an internationally acclaimed artist rooted in folk’s rich storytelling and musical traditions. Though he’s now based in the Netherlands, Graeme spent the last number of years building a large and loyal fan base throughout his native New Zealand and beyond with his carefully crafted multi-instrumental soundscapes. His captivating and dynamic live shows are performed as a one-man-band with the aid of a loop pedal to layer violin, guitar, bass, baritone ukulele, banjo, mandolin, accordion, harmonica, and percussion. James is set to release his forthcoming record, The Weight of Many Winters on January 1st.

James creates striking and evolved alternative folk on his new single “No Memories of Tomorrow” (below).With concentrated phrasing, lyrical incite, and staggering emotional depth, James sings to a finely picked acoustic guitar with fluttering violin lines playfully present in the backdrop. A powerful song from a skilled wordsmith who possesses kind and inviting vocal charm reminiscent of Richard Thompson and Gregory Alan Isakov.

Graeme explains the inspiration behind his latest creative work…

Most of the songs on The Weight of Many Winters were written during my experiences of the bleak Northern European winter. Winter as a season is full of potent metaphors for our human experience, and I particularly wanted to explore themes of death, desperation and weakness. Winter is also a time of hibernation and reflection. It is a time to do business with one’s soul, for to understand death is to understand life. Though the desolate winter landscape speaks to our mortality, it contains within itself a message of hope: a spring resurrection hidden in every bare branch and deep snowdrift. As well as exploring these themes in my songwriting, the instrumentation and production of The Weight of Many Winters seeks to reflect the stark beauty and cold intensity of the season.”

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