LISTEN: la loye Eminates Poetic Flow & Cinematic Grace Via “I’m Still Asleep”

The personal project of 24-year-old Dutch artist Lieke Heusinkveld, la loye is distinguished by subtle, layered vocals and intricate guitars, sublimely complimenting each other to create an inmate ambiance and accentuate the poetic lyricism in her music.

Inspired by the work of artists such as Elliot Smith, Mount Eerie, Radiohead, and Big Thief, la loye’s textured, lo-fi sound helps her shape raw emo7on with fresh and sometimes playful angles, having already earned widespread approval in the Netherlands ahead of her international arrival in 2021.

Speaking ahead of the release, la loye explained: “As a teen I was always searching for any sort of buzz: going out, roaming the city with friends, that sort of thing. Even though I seemed to enjoy most of it, there would always be this underlying sense of sorrow. It could really catch me off guard as I didn’t really understand where it came from or what to do with it. I think the song is a reflection on this particular time where I was just trying to figure that stuff out”.

With haunting enchantment and intellectual world play Dutch artist la loye gives us “I’m Still Asleep.” A captivating and focused new single, where Lieke Heusinkveld displays her cunning and top-notch ability to bring together effortless and original melodies coupled with tasteful arrangements and warm indie-rock tones. Imagine Sigur Rós led by a lyrical songstress and we might get the sounds of la loye.

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