LISTEN: Tel-Aviv’s RGB Moves The Needle On The Neo-Soul Spectrum Via “Carried Off”

The music of Tel-Aviv’s RGB goes around the spectrum of Neo-Soul music, combining it with elements from the worlds of R&B, Jazz, and Pop.

With their common passion for romance, the band creates music that is full of feelings and honesty, highlighting the pain and sadness in life on one side and the loveliness of life on the other.

Check out RGB’s delicious and sultry new neo-soul single, “Carried Off.” Combining refined guitar stylings and glossy synthesizers, with a soulful vocal attack, RGB creates a modern R&B flair akin to The Suffers and Tank and the Bangas. Merging their humble presence with lively funky instrumentation, this groove is loungy and contagious.

“Carried Off,” tells the story of feeling lost without one’s lover, feeling like there is nothing in the world besides them, asking the question “How can you leave me for the day?” as if the world will collapse without them. with this song we wanted to capture the feeling of wishing on a Sunday that never ends, never wanting to face reality. This is our second single from our upcoming album that is expected to be released in early 2021,” says the band.

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