LISTEN: RESPONS Offers Straight-Talking R&B Flows On Crisp New Single “Maise”

Hailing from the quiet suburbs of Leighton Buzzard, England, at R&B artist Billy Crabtree aka RESPONS has a vulnerable approach to vocal delivery with a future-facing commitment to speaking his truth. Whether it’s mental health, self-empowerment, or introspective musings on family life, RESPONS is straight-talking. Making waves in 2020 with his recent collaboration with Samm Henshaw and Barney Artist, RESPONS boom-bap stylings have begun to turn heads around the globe. 

RESPONS cuts deep with his smooth and emotional new single “MAISE.” A sentimental track about a young woman’s journey with mental health struggles, RESPONS breathes lightness into heavy and real topics with a confident and inviting cadence. Set to a fat back-beat-driven with subdued guitar stylings and a steady bass groove, RESPONS juxtaposes creamy R&B crooning with tight and raw hip-hop flow.

“I wrote the track after chatting to a girl I genuinely met one time called Maisie. She was really troubled, and mentally struggling with stuff. It stuck with me. But for me, the song is just a big up to the women in my life – the women that I know that have gone through similar stuff. The whole message of the song is: You’re one in a million, and you’re gonna be alright”

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