SONG PREMIERE: The Dawn Drapes Stir Up Big Psych Pop Sound on “You Are The One”

The Dawn Drapes are Michael Sanzo and Daniel Rice. Formed in Harrisonburg, VA in 2010, the duo have been writing, recording, and touring with an incredible cast of musicians. Their sound is extremely eclectic and changes from song to song while still maintaining a cohesive mentality. Their newest release is a fine example of how many influences are apparent in their writing. “You Are The One” was recorded at Headroom Studios in Philadelphia with producer Shane Woods and musicians Noah Skaroff and Keaton Thandi. This will be the third release of a string of singles recorded by the band. The first two “Facts” released in early June and “Oxygen” released at the end of July will make up a collection of four singles to be put out in anticipation of another full length album in 2021.

Today Glide is sharing an exclusive early listen of “You Are The One,” a song that immediately makes a strong impression. Featuring a heavy synth sound that feels rooted in New Wave, psych pop and shoegaze, the band layers in hypnotizing organ and catchy, enchanting vocals alongside a sonic blast of percussion and electronic textures. Inspirationally, the song feels like a mix of the Flaming Lips, Tame Impala, and Philly rockers Dr. Dog. Ultimately, the band taps into a big sound that one can imagine filling up a large venue of smitten fans…if that ever happens again. 

Mike Sanzo describes the inspiration and process behind the song:

“This song definitely represents growth for this project as a four piece. This is another one that has been floating around in the ether for years now just being written and rewritten. It wasn’t until we got the current lineup of keaton Thandi behind the drums and Noah Skaroff on bass that this one really took life. Out of the songs that we recorded with Shane Woods at The Headroom in Philadelphia, this song to me is the most representative of the four of us getting into a groove together and seeing where it can take us. Sometimes it’s a lyric or a specific intention that guide you as a songwriter and sometimes a song can just take shape and grow into something around the people playing it. I think that this release represents latter of those two.”


Photo credit: Kelia Ideishi

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