LISTEN: We The Commas Deliver Soul Music Redesign On Courageous “THE RZN”

Southern California has long been known for its beach culture and zen lifestyle, and We the Commas is bringing a fresh perspective to its hometown mantra. The emerging San Diego-based band is comprised of three brothers: Lenny (the oldest who recently graduated college where he studied film), Jordy (the middle sibling and current psychology major at the University of San Diego) and Cam (the youngest who is still in high school). As Black men, they hope to change the visual and musical narrative of what the world thinks kids from a beach town look and sound like.

A rich R&B instrumental sets the tone for the powerhouse brother trio “We the Commas” on their potent new single “THE RZN.” (below). Bringing us back to the age of 90’s alternative R&B, We the Commas sing with a purpose and a real message: To spread intellect and thoughtfulness and to bring more awareness to the short-sightedness of generalizing and minimizing Black humans. With beauty and grace, the brothers each cut across a symphonic groove with a unique soulful style and cohesive direction.

“Being Black influences our music, because it tells our experiences. Especially where we live, there’s not a ton of people who look like us,” says Lenny. “So we’ve learned to be the most authentic version of ourselves. We’re trying to do something different that people haven’t seen.”


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