LISTEN: Lydia Luce Evokes Timeless Vocalists Via “Maybe In Time”

Lydia Luce grew up in a strict musical household where her mother was a professional conductor for the Ars Flores Symphony Orchestra and learning the violin was not presented as a choice. A virtuoso from six years old, she excelled in numerous philharmonics. She obtained her master’s at UCLA in the viola but knew her path was not that of a professional classical musician. Explaining, Luce says, “I am grateful for my classical upbringing and that I’ve gotten to absorb a diverse education in music. Ultimately it all brought me to this space of getting to create from experiences that are only mine.”

A twinking piano and a pulsing drum beat set the tone for Lydia Luce’s smooth and inviting vocal delivery on her new single “Maybe in Time.” Focused and beautiful jazz-influenced folk tune, Luce delivers a poetic and captivating track with a timeless feel, set to a warm and colorful backdrop of orchestral accompaniment.

Luce explained, “Growing up in a religious family, I have often questioned the existence of God. Music led me to spaces filled with people that did not believe the same things I did. I started to question the beliefs I was raised with and become curious about other possibilities.”


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