LISTEN: Oddnesse Brings Krautrock Meets Dream Pop Winner On “Hot Air”

Oddnesse is the grungy dream-pop project of songwriter and producer Rebeca Arango. Arango, a guitarist who loves baselines, writes songs and makes records with collaborators when not daylighting as a copywriter.

With tasteful guitar application and subtle synth color, Oddnesse shines with a woozy and lush warmth on her new single “Hot Air.” This versatile composition is propelled with a krautrock instrumental section that lifts off toward its conclusion: a rare meeting of strong musicianship and exquisite vocals.

“I’ve acquired the understanding that energy is never lost, only transformed. Where does it go, when the heat dissipates, when it vanishes into the cold? I can only wonder. From that wonderment came these lyrics. Abstract lyrics are often seen as less meaningful, less emotional, less relatable. While this song doesn’t deal with earthly matters of love and loss, to me it’s just as meaningful as some of my popular break-up songs. These lyrics speak of dreams and death and our relationship with the Universe, conjuring fear and majesty, taking a playful approach to the unknown. Ultimately it’s a song about transformation and spiritual travel and vastness,” says Arango.

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