LISTEN: maxime Breaks The Folk Mold On Acoustic Nugget “ode to my (shitty) apartment”

maxime., born Maxime Trippenbach, makes alt-pop music – whose sounds are lush and distinct – from his room in Ottawa, Canada. In December 2019 he self-released an ambitious 18-track debut, whatevernowiscalled. Featuring him as its sole writer, producer, performer, and engineer, the album saw maxime. come into his own.

On cerulean (FINAL), his forthcoming sophomore release maxime’s is an evolution of his emergent sound. In a sense, the album is about the fact it’s not about anything in particular – it’s a sonic statement, a collection of ideas, rather than a linear narrative.

The endearing and witty new single from maxime., “ode to my (shitty) apartment” (below) is a lighthearted look into the life and living situation of the Canadian multi-instrumentalist and producer. With a melodic delivery, maxime. lays out a smooth and restrained musical arrangement here, painted with reverberated guitar, a reggae-inspired up-stroke on the acoustic, and a smooth jazzy horn refrain reminiscent of King Krule.

“Some of the songs on the record hold a very dear place in my heart, for example ‘ode to my (shitty) apartment.’ I care a lot about my friends, and spent a year living with 3 of my closest buddies. We spent a full year together throwing too many parties that lasted way too long, eating grilled cheese and creating art. ” says maxime.



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