LISTEN: Brooklyn Duo TOLEDO Offer Inviting & Spiritous Wordplay Via “It’s Alive!”

Brooklyn based TOLEDO (Daniel Alvarez and Jordan Dunn-Pilz) shine on their spacious and warm-hearted new single “It’s Alive!.” A soft and inviting vocal delivery is supported by tasteful acoustic rhythm guitar, a deep and mellow bass groove, with stunning and swirling harmonies. TOLEDO makes gorgeous music with poignant lyrical wordplay seem effortless and simple.

“It’s Alive! uses the story of Frankenstein as a metaphor for control in relationships. One of us was starting a new relationship, while the other was coming out on the other end of something long term, and we wanted to talk about the period of identity crisis that can follow. It’s easy to become confused about what is you, and what is the other person.”

“We are both huge fans of horror movies, Halloween, and gothic fantasy,” adds the duo. “We’re also both probably masochists. Underneath the song, there is a track of “Spooky Halloween Laboratory Sound Effects’..listen for it. This was the last song written for the EP, and the most fun to record.”

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