LISTEN: Payfone Makes It Funky, Weird and Classy On “Sofian”

Having lit up sunsets and sunrises the world over with their first outing on Leng Records, the deliciously Balearic ‘Last Night in Sant Celoni’, Payfone has opted for a more sensual and seductive sound on their triumphant follow-up.

As with previous Payfone productions, no samples were used in the creation of the track. Instead, Passera and Day focus the action around hypnotic, slow-motion machine drums and a brilliant analog synthesizer bassline that will quickly worm its way into your subconscious.

With a slinky and suggestive groove atop Moroder styled synthesizers, London based Payfone delivers an artsy take on electronica with “Sofian”. Joined by a half-sung and half-spoken vocal from Barbara Alcindor – previously of hugely successful European chart-toppers French Affair –  Phil Passera and Jimmy Day aka Payfone are tonally on point, synthesizing rich resonance and delicate rhythm.

“Payfone’s music has always had strong political undertones, standing for equal rights and as is the case with the Sofian video, prominently featuring LGBT+ community members. Speaking of the video Payfone founder and video director Phil Passera stated “The video for Sofian focuses on the story within the song, the main character is pregnant, she turns to her promiscuous lover for advice, singing “tell me what to do Sofian“, the question is open, the answer is unclear”.


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