LISTEN: Whisper Dish Drops Late ’60s Inspired Garage Rock On “Painted”

Whisper Dish is the new project of former Marlin’s Dreaming guitarist Tim McNaughton. Based upon a DIY approach with the limited gear he owns, Tim has been teaching himself audio engineering through trial and error in a makeshift cottage studio. The result of this learning process is a 7 track EP with varying tempos and styles, mainly rooted in alternative rock. Tim has decided to go down this path to contrast against his previous experiences in professional recording studios. His hopes in this endeavor is to learn some of the trade himself and to tackle the recording process from a different perspective.

Check out New Zealand lo-fi rocker Whisper Dish on his unshakable and gruff new single “Painted.”  With forward facing movement and concise lyrical intuition, Whisper Dish sails on a balanced and no bullshit rock groove, with dirty electric guitar, viscous and slap back vocals and unwavering backbeat. Fans of Kevin Morby and The Growlers will dig this dusky and sparse indie effort.

“I think that this song is inspired mainly by listening to records from my Dad’s collection. Most of my favorite records in that collection are from the 60s, so I guess that’s where the majority of the flavor comes from,” says McNaughton.

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