LISTEN: Issy Wood Offers Colorful Sound Fabric On Atmospheric New Single “Hell”

Issy Wood comes from a fine arts background and gained initial recognition for her paintings. Her pieces have been featured in art galleries across the world. Her new EP, Cries Real Tears! is the result of Wood’s continued exploration of artistry by using music and multimedia as an extension of her work.

Check out Issy Wood’s new single “Hell” (below) – from Wood’s new EP, Cries Real Tears!. “Hell” is a hypnotic composition with mysterious lyrical design and precise instrumentation, creating a bewildering sense of flight and atmospheric pressure. This song is set to the theme of leaving a lover and realizing that you soon will be together again, in hell burning: shades of St. Vincent and Sylvan Esso shine through the colorful sound fabric here.

“This EP is an experiment in switching mediumsFor me, Cries Real Tears! is my confessing to mistaking pain for pleasure, or a trap for freedom in relationships, especially the one with myself. Some feelings aren’t always communicable in visual mediums alone. The EP title comes from a statement sometimes seen on kids’ baby doll boxes, peddling the doll’s almost-human qualities,” says Wood.

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