LISTEN: Sangarang Bounce Some Cyber Boogie On Lush “No Room For Us”

Sangarang’s musical career, albeit relatively new, is one that is marked with notes of storytelling and personal experience. Billy Sang grew up in Dallas, TX, and then went on to study entrepreneurship and management at Baylor University. Upon graduating, Sang walked the all-too-familiar corporate path. This new lifestyle, while rich with monetary gain, came at a creative loss. It didn’t take long for Sang to leave his corporate lifestyle in search for something more meaningful. Meaning, for Sangarang, was found through music.

Sangarang’s new single “No Room For Us” is a cyber boogie/funk gift of pop gold that will have you shake the 2020 yuck out of your skin. The funky and soulful sounds fill up the sonic register and color the room with warm and pleasing tones and swirling synthesizers – reminiscent of the latest works from Dua Lipa and Jessie Ware that reference undeniable colorful grooves.

“We came up with this song to reflect the constant push and pull in our relationships – wanting to be with someone but also wanting the best for them, which ultimately might not be us,” says the duo.

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