LISTEN: This Coast Bias Wraps It Short & Sweet On “Poison Candy”

Oklahoma City-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter This Coast Bias played in numerous bands before deciding to go solo in 2019. Pulling influence from rockpop, and electronic elements, This Coast Bias crafts a one-of-a-kind blend of indie-pop that is equally as polished as it is raw. Citing Prince, Tame Impala and ABBA as musical influences, This Coast Bias explores vast genres and decades to create his sound.

With a smooth and direct lyrical design, This Coast Bias delivers a buttery and funky pop gem on “Poison Candy.” This Beckish track speaks to how addictions may be worse for you than they seem on the surface. From love relationships to consumption patterns, keeping a keen eye on whether something serves us or is destroying us.  This Coast Bias wraps it short and sweet on this pop nugget.

“Poison Candy is about habits. Whatever they may be, we all have these things in our lives that taste sweet but cause “cavities.” Whether it’s romance, our spending habits – we cause problems by sticking with things that we probably shouldn’t. In this case, the song is about a girl I was dating,” says TCB.

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