LISTEN: Breakthrough Artist Tommy Alexander Hits A Rollicking Joy Via “River Run Down”

Tommy Alexander is doing it all and doing it all very well. After self-releasing his brilliant alt-Country LP Waves in 2020, Alexander found his record on numerous end of the year lists, including nods from KEXP and Magnet Magazine. By this point it is clear that Alexander has established himself as a facet of the indie music world from his impressive and burgeoning booking agency, Pilot Light Booking, to his own musical outpouring, Alexander pens timeless songs with a powerful and dynamic voice and an evolved grasp on dense and concise lyrical design.

Check out Alexander’s rollicking glorious new track “River Run Down.” Alexander hits the gas pedal on a bygone vibe mixed with the barrelhouse sounds of Bob Dylan’s latter-day albums. With a refreshing and candid lyrical voice, this Portland-based artist is uniquely fervently emotive.

“River Run Down” is a song with a simple and classic sentiment: let the past go. We recorded it live during the Waves sessions but it didn’t quite fit onto the record. It’s a tune we’ve really enjoyed playing live the past couple years and it feels good to finally get it out and share it with you all.”


Photo by Mike Vanata

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