LISTEN: Rupe Pulses & Stylizes In Classic Shoegaze Buzz Via “Box Fan”

Rupert Lange AKA Rupe is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Northern Louisiana.

Check out the kaleidoscopic and witty new single “Box Fan” (below) from Rupe. Warm and colorful guitar styling paint the scene as a solid drum beat pulses forward, and swirling harmonies align. Singing with confident and inviting charm, Lange breathes fresh air into classic shoegaze buzz, swaddling you in a blanket of untroubled solitude ala Slowdive and Ride.

“The lyrics are representative of times in my teenage years where I felt anti-social and/or social anxiety in public settings. I wrote them based off of a sincere thought that I would always have, and that was that I’d much rather fall asleep to the white noise of my box fan than be at all of these different parties or sports games that high schoolers are almost pressured to be at all the time. And I feel as though this theme transcends high school as well,” says Lange.

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