LISTEN: Wurld Series Ushers In Must Hear Guitar Squalls On “Nape Gate”

Wurld Series was founded by Luke Towart, a British expatriate with strong familial ties to New Zealand, when he moved to Christchurch from Lancashire, England in 2012.

Check out the angular new single “Nap Gate” from Wurld Series. “Nap Gate” is an audacious rock anthem built on a radio-ready distorted electric guitar that squalls with the ferociousness of Dinosaur Jr. These Kiwi rockers nail the early 90’s rock tricks, taking the listener back to Lollapalooza ’93.

“Nap Gate” was inspired by a dead-end job I was working for way too long. I’m also a big reader of weird fantasy sci-fi stuff and I kind of combined these two separate things to form the imagery of the song. The music was fairly collaborative. We all were playing and working on it in a room together – which is sometimes rare for Wurld Series as on this album, in particular, we often built stuff up in the recording process separately,”says the band.

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