LISTEN: Dylan Rodrigue Drops Elliott Smith Styled Hush Folk on “Forgetting”

Dylan Rodrigue’s music has always been a journey, exploring all genres and musical forms. Rodrigue started playing guitar and writing his own songs at age eight and studied classical guitar in high school, eventually obtaining a degree in songwriting and avante-garde composition at the California Institute of the Arts.

Check out the intimate new single “Forgetting” from emerging Southern California singer-songwriter Dylan Rodrigue. A soft-spoken and melodically soothing acoustic guitar-driven number, “Forgetting” is a sonically honed piece of folk excellence right out of the Elliott Smith hush playbook.

“Forgetting” is a little meditation on losing memories and how and why they are lost. When sometimes we may purposely forget something that is too tragic to cope with, or we may forget the good memories about a person simply because it is easier to think the person is completely awful. This song explores the different things forgotten on either side of a relationship that has ended,” says Rodrigue.

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