‘The Assignment’ By Walter Hill Is A Unique Thriller

The Assignment, directed by Walter Hill, is a thriller film that was launched in 2017 and it has everything a crime movies fan would look after: crimes, twists, revenge, thriller, a lot of action. Even though the story may sound simple, it is indeed coming with profound explanations that shed a light on the universe of transgender people. 

The protagonist of the movie is Dr. Rachel Jane, a plastic surgeon. Even though the movie begins with her mental condition being assessed by a psychiatrist, we can also see the events from two years ago that led to her change and to who she is in the present moment. 

Her life was a succession of unhappy moments and revenge, that in end, end badly for her also. Her brother is murdered by a professional criminal and Dr. Rachel Jane promises to protect his memory and find revenge for his death. But what happens next is an incredible story that comes with powerful and insightful morale. 

The Assignment – More than Essay Writing 

The screenplay of the movie was co-written by the producer, Walter Hill, and Denis Hamill. Even though the movie lacks, in some places or moments, a touch of something more, the story is at least interesting. Writing a screenplay is not an easy thing to do, as you need to consider the characters’ replies, the places where the action should take place, the looks every character has, and many more. You need to consider a lot of details to make sure you create an amazing screenplay. It is for this reason that many filmography students are looking to pay someone to do my assignment fast. They can get the support and suggestions they are looking for from an assignment writing service. 

However, this movie depicts Frank Kitchen, the professional criminal, who moves from motel to motel and lives his life in misery as he completes his tasks of killing certain people. However, what he does not know is that he killed the wrong man, as his sister will be going to revenge.

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Dr. Rachel Jane is a doctor who performs plastic surgery. However, she loses her medical license and begins experimenting with plastic surgery on homeless people. She forces them to be her patients and, in some cases, her experiments result in their death. And this is the first glimpse we get into her mental health condition. 

She hires a man to double-cross Frank and bring him to her, where she performs plastic surgery and changes his appearance, and reassigns him a new gender. Frank now looks like a female and he is, of course, both devastated and angry when he finds out that the surgery is irreversible. 

So, what happens next is something you would expect: Frank decides to take revenge on Dr. Rachel Jane and tries, by all means, to identify and find her. After he wakes up in a hotel room with his appearance changed, with women’s clothes and a little money for food, he seeks shelter at an ex-girlfriend, Johnnie. 

In his quest of killing everyone involved in the surgery, Frank kills the man Rachel hired to double-cross him. And what will turn the world upside down for him, is that he finds out that his ex-girlfriend, Johnnie, knows the identity of the doctor. Frank decides to not kill Johnnie, even though she first monitored him for Rachel, but to follow the doctor and, of course, take revenge. 

This movie is all about a twisted and mindfuck story that involves crimes and a thriller action. And the climax is incredible and presents a drastic change of scenery. As Frank goes to Dr. Rachel, her bodyguards were ready for him. Frank is firstly immobilized but then manages to shot the bodyguards and Dr. Rachel. However, Jane survives as Frank does not shoot her fatally and the scene ends with Frank and a knife in his hand, over the body of Jane. 

So, as we return to the scene that the movie began with, we see that Dr. Rachel Jane has her hands mutilated to not be able to perform plastic surgery again. Moreover, she also confesses all the homeless people she killed with her twisted view of a better world. 

What is interesting, is that the problem of gender reassignment is not seen as something transphobic. The screenwriters should be congratulated as they managed to create insightful and powerful views over gender identity, without shedding a negative light on people who decide to change their gender. They do not see Trans people other than they are: people, just like everyone else. We usually hear trans people being called names, which is disturbing for the society we are in, not only for them. The Assignment is a movie that, although it involves crimes and thriller, it comes with a healthy view on gender identity, a problem our society still does not know how to handle or manage. 


Author Bio: Vendy Adams is a content writer that is passionate about movies. She watches at least three movies per week and shares her opinion about them. Movie reviews are her passion and she collaborates with writing services.


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