LISTEN: Winnipeg Trio Virgo Rising Create Crafty Tribute to Julia Jacklin Via “Headlights”

Winnipeg indie-rockers Virgo Rising likes to describe themselves as “three sad girls making songs in Winnipeg,” but those familiar with the band know that this undersells the scope and depth of their vision. Emily Sinclair and sisters Lauren and Jenna Wittmann carefully construct bedroom pop unconstrained by convention; while weaving together themes of growing up, femininity, self-love, self-contempt, and authenticity, they make sure that each song lives in its own sonic space, unafraid to end up in unexpected places doing so.

Check out the atmospheric and alluring new single “Headlights” (below) from Virgo Rising. Vibrant electric guitar fuses with an appealing vocal delivery, creating a sturdy foundation for emotional indie rock musing. “Headlights” is a track hinged on restrained instrumentation and mature vocal intentionality, it’s simply vulnerable and gorgeous.

“Headlights” is about feelings we once had but didn’t cherish it until we started to reminisce about them. It’s also a little bit about Julia Jacklin,” says the duo.



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