VIDEO PREMIERE: Yosh & Yimmy Take Heartful Turn on Number Written About Tom Petty’s Death: “The Day You Learned To Fly”

Two independent Texas songwriters, Josh Glenn (San Antionio) and Jimmy Willden (Corpus Christi) teamed up in the Spring of 2016 at Yosh & Yimmy and began playing shows together. Shortly thereafter they started writing music and agreed to focus their attention on the very heart of folk music: thoughtful lyrics, harmonizing vocals, and bushy beards. Their debut EP, Americana Summer is out now on all platforms.

The past years was spent writing more songs, and preparing to return to the studio, but not before completing the mixes for their first live record, Yosh & Yimmy: Yive in Concert.

Oft delayed by COVID-19, the album (originally intended as a 2020 release) is set for release in March of 2021. Recorded at the final performance of their Americana Summer Tour, in Athens, GA, “Yive in Concert” features singles such as “World is Sound Asleep” and “The Day You Learned to Fly”, showcasing Yosh & Yimmy’s eclectic style, all the while marrying rich harmonies with thought-provoking lyrics.

Glide is proud to premiere the video for “The Day You Learned To Fly,” a gorgeous acoustic duet with rasp, soul and a courageous musical ode to loss. Written by Jimmy Willden, the day Tom Petty passed away, and a couple of days after the mass shooting in Las Vegas: quite an emotional week.

“Our original idea was to spruce up Josh’s shed, and film us singing the song, but then Josh found the fox mask…and the rest is history. We filmed it over an afternoon in late November, before our first show since COVID, and last show of 2020,” says Willden.

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