Ranking The Top Hockey Movies Of All Time

Hockey movies are significantly underrated. It’s as simple as that. From the Hanson brothers to the Flying V to Herb Brooks, hockey and cinema are a great pairing. There’s a wide variety of movies out there that can meet the needs of casual to die-hard hockey fans. If you are looking for a history lesson, a feel-good story, or just want to watch some competitive hockey, any of these movies will do the trick.

The Mighty Ducks (1994) 

If it was allowed, NHL betting would have disrespected the Mighty Ducks, a hockey team. This is a true “feel-good” story that 90s kids surely remember. “You lost it for yourself” is a quote that lives on forever. This movie sees a youth hockey team from Minnesota chosen to represent the United States. It’s an international tournament that features some of the best hockey players in the world. With that said, it is a rollercoaster of emotions for the players, but a thrill for the casual movie watcher. 

Sudden Death (1995)

Not all of the best movies came from the 90s, but there are some great ones on this list, including Sudden Death. Technically, nobody ever wins a championship, but hockey is essential to the story. Some fans might believe this movie is dumb or corny, but Jean-Claude Van Damme does everything and deserves to feel our appreciation. 

Red Army (2014)

A documentary that follows the Soviet hockey team, this movie shows how Russian players were introduced to the NHL season. The majority of this story follows the plotline between Hall of Famer Slava Festisov and his coach Viktor Tikhonov. Fetisov was one of the first to stand up to his tyrant coach and begin a movement where Russians played in North America.

Miracle (2004)

I’m not crying, you are. For the avid hockey fan, tears might start filling your eyes, but even the casual fan will feel chills. From beginning to end, Kurt Russell portrays Herb Brooks and the United States national team’s quest towards winning gold in the Olympics. The USA team, which was considered a low-end hockey program, pulled off one amazing miracle. 

Slap Shot (1977)

The debate between Slap Shot and Miracle has to be one of the longest-running debates among the best hockey movies. Every hockey fan’s favorite moment came from this classic film. It all starts with goalie Denis Lemieux talking about the “finer points of hockey.” As the movie progresses, we get a chance to see a grizzly Paul Newman shine. This is a great movie that shows what a winning culture looks like inside the locker room. 


Of course, there were a few snubs left off the list like the first Mighty Ducks (1992) or Goon (2011). However, these movies should be at the top of your list. What should be the best movie on this list in your opinion?

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