LISTEN: Emerging Pop Artist Charlie Houston Possesses Pop Dynamic Wisdom on “Calls”

Each song from  19-year old emerging Canadian indie-pop artist Charlie Houston is an emotional time capsule with relatable self-discovery storytelling and breathy, androgynous vocalsFreshly signed to Arts & Crafts, the genre-bending artist has announced her forthcoming debut I Hate Spring EP out April 23.

Check out Houston’single “Calls” (below) a ringer that stands out with its own clever melodic design; this artist possesses unique wisdom of the pop dynamic well beyond her 19 years. Houston speaks directly to the younger generation with honest and authentic wordplay while vocally striding over a warm and beefy backbeat, mixing the indie flair of Julien Baker and the edge of King Princess.

“I just want my songs to be super authentic and address shit that all young people deal with,” proudly states Houston.

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