LISTEN: Aaron Espe Delivers Poetic Children’s Song For Grownups Via “Free”

Check out the lovely and focused new single “Free” (below) from Nashville based singer-songwriter Aaron Espe. With a straightforward and inviting vocal musing, Espe has a strong grasp on bashful and poetic lyrical design. Set to a  restrained bed of a twinking piano and lightly finger-picked acoustic guitar, Espe combines witty wordplay to create a welcoming world to sink into ala Jason Mraz.

Aaron Espe calls “Free” a children’s song for grownups. He says, “I was trying to tell my own kids that it’s what’s inside of them that is limitless. Sure, I do think they can become whatever they want to become, for the most part. But the ‘outer stuff’ is less important than the ‘inner stuff.’”

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