LISTEN: Quiet Canyons Makes Well Worn Off Beat Folk On “We Overflow”

On top of everything going on in the world, 2020 saw the birth of Tim Williams’ second daughter, just before having his fourth heart surgery. The nine songs on Quiet Canyons’ self-titled debut album were written and recorded in the span of just two weeks, solely by Williams in Los Angeles. This process allowed him to gain control of all the chaos in the only way he knows how – through music. This record is by far his most personal and stripped down as wget a glimpse into the sleepless nights of Tim Williams’ life.

Check out the unguarded and captivating new single “We Overflow” from Quiet Canyons. An agreeable and harmonious vocal melody rests upon a sturdy acoustic guitar rhythm, as Tim Williams sings creative lyrical insight. “We Overflow” mirrors the introspective reflection of Ben Gibbard, and the offbeat folk of Kurt Vile.

“This is a song about not trusting your own judgment during hard times. Knowing that self-doubt can be crippling and trying to work through it however you can,” says Williams.

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