VIDEO PREMIERE: Amsterdam Songstress Nina June Drops Fleeting Beauty On “Rainbow Ashes”

Heightened senses strengthen communication. Receptive to even the most subtle internal and external stimuli, Amersterdam based songstress Nina June leans into acute sensitivity as a lyricist and embraces expansive scope as a sonic auteur. On her forthcoming EP, the Amsterdam-based singer and songwriter layers plainspoken emotion over multi-dimensional soundscapes steeped in strings, keys, guitar, and natural sound effects. After amassing more than 20 million streams worldwide, June has been quietly making waves with her 2018 independent debut “Bon Voyage” and her 2019 Nettwerk Records debut EP Shadows & Riddles.

Glide is pleased to premiere the new music video for “Rainbow Ashes” from Amsterdam based songstress Nina June. A symphonic backdrop forms around James as she croons with inviting charm and charismatic appeal. With a delicate inflection and purified melodic creativity, Nina June shines through a translucent filter of flowers budding and new beginnings. A colorful remembrance of fleeting beauty, “Rainbow Ashes” is cinematic and bewitching

Nina paints a vivid picture of fleeting bliss on the chorus, “we’ll watch the sky light up with rainbow-colored ashes turn to dust.” The music video was filmed at an 18th-century land house, “which looks amazing from the outside but is pretty worn out on the inside.” This place served as a personification of the music’s themes and a source of constant inspiration as the site of the project’s photo and video shoots. “It became a metaphor for the state we’re in at the moment with us not taking care of our residence properly,” she elaborates. “On a personal level, it’s what happens when you don’t take care of yourself, and you fill your life with stuff that’s making you ill in the long run. I tried to create a shell of outside beauty but let the hurt and grief that slumbers on the inside shine through.”

“Rainbow Ashes” is a song about endlessly waiting for a lost love to return and the black pool of reminiscence,” says June. “It’s also about the burden of seeing something really beautiful vanish in front of your eyes. When we have something that is very precious to us, we want to hold it, and keep it forever. But not everything is meant for eternity, that is just not how life works. I guess we all need to learn that the hard way at some point in our lives.”

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