WATCH: Dylan Ludwig Shares Animated Video for Vibrant “Days Gone By”

Prescott, Arizona based singer-songwriter and producer Dylan Ludwig grasps a sound rooted in the grooves of old school 70s rock, vintage psych-country, and soulful rock. Contemplative lyrics delivered with a slight drawl and velvet twang are surrounded by intricate arrangements that showcase his skill as a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and recording engineer. Currently, Dylan Ludwig is completing a full-length record and working as a producer and recording engineer at his studio in Prescott.

Ludwig recently revealed the new animated video for his single “Days Go By” (below) featuring features the artwork of Matt Adams from The Blank Tapes. A song built on a vibrant keyboard heartbeat, colorful guitar tone, and expanding and flourishing horns, “Days Go By” features strong vocal musing and impressive rock arrangements. Comparison to Ludwig easily includes both the talented and melodic Rhett Miller and Todd Snider.

“It’s an ode to the passing of time. It’s about how a moment can last forever and then you blink and it’s gone. It’s about how you can close your eyes and slip away into your own world, making everything else disappear, that space between being awake and asleep. Sitting and watching the clouds go by.



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