LISTEN: Anguid Offers Soaring Easy Listening ’70s Folk On Charming “Man of Action”

Anguid is songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Aidan Boardman. Check out their soulful and melodically brilliant new single “Man of Action.” (below). With evocative vocal musing, Boardman dances on a warm and wide bed of low end, swirling synthesizers, soaring saxophone, and twinkling keys. A modern-day sound that has tinges of early Steely Dan shadowed by a Fleetwood Mac channeling. Anguid is cutting their own indie-folk path and what a lovely road it is to be on. 

Speaking about the song’s origins, Boardman explains, “It’s difficult to talk about because it’s not really any good news. Everything is from a perspective of a straight, cis, white, male. It really comes out of all the autonomy that comes with privilege and sometimes it’ll make you freeze and not wanna do anything… but no matter what the world pushes you in a direction. The song is about riding that wave & really doing something constructive.”

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