LISTEN: Houston Kendrick Dials In Frank Ocean R&B Styled Hip-Hop On “Look At Us”

Houston Kendrick is a new wave songwriter with the ability to craft powerful prose while blending gorgeous harmonies and catchy melodies.

Check out “Look at Us,” (below) the graceful and fresh new single from Houston Kendrick. Kendrick vocally grooves over an atmospheric and vibrant beat with a dynamic vocal scope alongside a distinct style. An innovative genre-blender, “Look at Us” is a song mounted on melodic gleam and vocal magnetism that dials in the colorful hip hip of Frank Ocean and Tyler the Creator.

“Look At Us” was written from a place of love and compassion for all of our imperfections. For every insecurity or flaw that we or others see in ourselves, there is twice as much beauty. So when you get discouraged, just pause, reflect, and celebrate the journey that brought you here,” says Kendrick.


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