SONG PREMIERE: The High Plains Drifters Drop Woozy & Lush Anti-Valentines Day Anthem “Since You’ve Been Gone”

The High Plains Drifters were sired after a night of too much booze and too little food at a Tex-Mex spot in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea. Fast forward a few years and they boast one fan-favorite album—2019’s High Plains Drifters that recieved the critical acclaim of Harper’s BazaarUntitled MagazineGlide MagazineAnti Music, and more.

Their second full-length album (due this year) perfects the genre-bending sound that made their debut a buzzing sensation. The first two singles from this collective of seasoned gunslingers–“Since You’ve Been Gone” and “Nuclear Winter”–rekindle the spark of eighties new wave but fused with a twist of seventies soft rock. The group is led by frontman Larry Studnicky [lead vocals, lyricist] and includes John Macom [rhythm/electric guitars, lead/backup vocals], Mike DoCampo [rhythm/electric guitars, backup vocals], Kyle Cassel [drums, backup vocals], Charles Czarnecki [keys, accordion, backup vocals], and Dave Richards [bass, backup vocals].

Glide is proud to premiere “Since You’ve Been Gone”(below) a woozy and lush track that features grand synth pop melodrama, breakbeats and hummable hooks. High Plans Drifters have nailed the organic mashup as this original is a flawless merge of roots rock and modern indie where the worlds of Hot Chip, Of Monsters and Men, and The Avett Brothers meet. This impressive track also is built around a justly anti-Valentine’s Day theme for those who have come up short in the game of hearts….

“With Valentine’s Day coming up, the new High Plains Drifters single, “Since You’ve Been Gone,” is for everyone who’s had their hearts ripped out of their chests and stomped on by the person they wrongly believed was THE ONE and couldn’t admit to their friends what had happened for the longest time. Thank God we learn from those mistakes! The song is a great introduction to the sound that’s prevalent on our forthcoming second album — a meshing of 70’s soft-rock storytelling with music that evokes 80’s New Wave. We call it “The Eagles meet New Order,” says frontman Larry Studnicky.

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