LISTEN: LUMER Riffs Shades of The Clash & Arctic Monkeys On “Another Day at the Zoo”

With their scuzzy and feverish grunge riffs, Yorkshire based post-punk group LUMERLUMER are fast becoming a manic force to be reckoned with. Recently likened to acts such as Yak, King Nun and Black Flag, LUMER have bloomed out of Hull’s thriving alternative music scene, holding the garage-punk torch aloft and lighting the way for the angry and the disenfranchised. Formed in the wintery beginnings of 2016, LUMER have developed their cryptic post-punk sound and have gone on to play high-octane shows supporting LIFE on their UK tour, Weirds and Vulgarians on their Manchester dates plus a performance at the prestigious Rough Trade Nottingham.

Here we go with the gnarly and brash new single “Another Day At The Zoo” (below) from LUMER.. A fuzzing bass groove sets the tone, as it cuts through raw and warm electric guitar color. Vocally Alex Evans shines with the charisma and power of Alex Turner and Joe Strummer, as he passionately and confidently struts across the track. “Another Day At The Zoo” is a fierce and captivating single that digs into the strangeness and perversion of the modern world and it’s fascination with social media placation and self absorbed delusion.

“I wrote “Another Day At The Zoo” during a lecture discussing the current state of the world. It’s essentially a list of things that were pissing me off. The final verse is about a man I met whilst working in a bourgeois bar. He took me to a club where girls danced on the table and bought £200’s worth of drinks. He told me about an expensive prostitute he once paid for and how he was on the cusp of making his second million. I hated nearly every moment of knowing him,” says lead vocalist Alex Evans.

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