VIDEO PREMIERE: Pinguin Mofex Unveil “Glamorous” Take On Kate Bush’s Classic Video “Wuthering Heights”

Named after a riff on an obscure internet inside joke slung by a semi-literate troll in the comment section of a clickbait post about the discovery of a massive prehistoric alligator, Pinguin Mofex has never been accused of making sense. They have a song where the 5-7 members of the band shout “Snakebite!” for three minutes as rubber snakes rain on an unsuspecting audience. There’s a lot of other shenanigans from these guys that make The Flaming Lips look like MercyMe.

Band leader Nate Pyfer (Kaskade, Sego, The Moth and the Flame, Mr. Tape) was recently brilliant or absurd enough to cover Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights” and then taking it a step further by learning her dance moves verbatim and creating a shot for shot recreation of the original music video. Glide is blushing to premiere the video of this artful take on a cult choreographic classic (below) But somehow Pinguin Mofex pulls this shit off with its inner celebratory grace and artsy grandeur. Who know they had in em? Check out the late ’70s original way down below for a bit of comparison…



On the backstory to the video, Pinguin Mofex says: The idea to cover Kate’s timeless hit Wuthering Heights came to us during a van ride home to Utah from LA.  We had been recording in Santa Monica for the week and during those sessions, listening to a lot of early 80s classics.  As we were driving back we started brainstorming covers to cut and release at the end of 2020.  Mason jokingly played Wuthering Heights for us and we all just laughed cos the thought of trying to tackle that epic song and production seemed daunting.  But after about 17 listens in a row, and a van full of crying musicians screaming “HEATHCLIFF!!!!!!!!”, we knew what we had to do.

After hunkering down for a few days and learning/recording the massive tune, it seemed only right that we give it our fullest of efforts and tackle the video.  This proved much harder than the audio recreation.  Considering none of us dance, most of us are on the wrong side of 30, and most of us have beards, we knew we’d need some serious video magic to pull this off.

We enlisted the help of our good friend Matt Eastin (Imagine Dragons, Joshua James) to help shoot, direct and edit the video. We spend months learning the dance with the help of choreographer Samantha Jo Williams (So You Think You Can Dance, World Of Dance) and Lauren Beeston (Lo Beeston).   After an entire night of filming and dancing, another month of editing, we made what you see before you….  The most WTF recreation Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights” music video.


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