SONG PREMIERE: DL Rossi Returns With Downtempo Gem “Whiskey’ – New LP ‘Lonesome Kind’ Out 4/23

DL Rossi knows a thing or two about songwriting and making magnetically melodic songs with a graceful storytelling touch.

In 2019 let it all pour out in the name of survival on A Sweet Thing, where Rossi had learned the hard way in the wake of a very painful divorce- that you can’t rush recovery. On the verge of burning out completely, he turned to music as a way to cope and confront his past.

Now in 2021, it’s a whole new ballgame of anxious ridden thoughts and a world that may or may not go under from political unrest and a pandemic, amongst other things. DL Rossi is on it!

His new album Lonesome Kind (out 4/23) is a vibey, ‘70s-inspired album laden with Motown guitar riffs and soulful lyrics. It was produced by Tyler Chester (Madison Cunningham), who also lent his skills to tracking bass, keys, and some guitars. Rossi was joined by his brother Nolan (Audrey Assad) and Juan Solorzano (Molly Parden) on guitars, with Ross McReynolds (Jess Nolan, Katie Pruitt) rounding the group out on drums.

While Rossi’s past albums were mapped out meticulously for theme and sonic palette prior to entering the studio, Lonesome Kind showcases a loosening of the reins as he encouraged his collaborators to bring their own ideas to the table, resulting in a looser yet more layered sound — a live-in-a-room melancholy fit for listening on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Along with announcing this new LP, Glide is premiering the leadoff single, “Whiskey” (below) which is down-tempo gem of fluid folk-pop. Shades of Iron and Wine proper this dynamic & hush song where Rossi’s emotional vocals create masterful phrasing and weight.

“There is a reoccurring theme in this album of independence and mourning the loss of ideals and energy you had during your youth. I wrote this song at one of the peaks of my cynicism about relationships and love. Though it doesn’t reflect how I really feel about relationships, it does reflect how I often feel.  And that’s the beauty of songs and writing them. One of my favorite writers David Ramirez said at a show once “it’s ok to change your mind.” This is a song about allowing myself to feel low, and be honest with myself about my darker feelings and not feel locked in by them.”

“Whiskey” is one of the first tunes I wrote for the new album, originally it was in a higher key, and had less chord movement, but then my friend Cori Bechler helped me do some re-writes that re-shape the song a lot. In the studio, my producers Nolan Rossi (Rosie Ugly) and Tyler Chester (Madison Cunningham) really moved the song into a nice space where the heavier lyrics of the song don’t way it down so much.  And the addition of Felicity Williams (Bahamas) really lifts the song and allows you to feel the story of the song the way I wanted it to be.  It’s a cavalier and agnostic acceptance of life as it was in the moment I wrote it,” says Rossi.

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