LISTEN: The 502s Keep It Crafty & Positive On Alt Pop Sing-Along “I Keep Rolling”

When we enter the post COVID world will the world of cross-armed concert-goes be something of the past? Heck, if you spot anyone not having a good time in 2002, they ought you a beer. Let’s bring the joy back in rock and that’s what Orlando, FL five-piece The 502s hope to achieve: uplifting roots music.

The 502s are returning with their sophomore album Could It Get Better Than This, out this Fall 2021. The new album is the follow up to their debut Because We Had Too, which earned them a dedicated and growing fanbase,

Today Glide is proud to premiere the single/music video forI Keep Rolling” (below). The band combines the melodic call and response choruses of The Head and the Heart and the crafty alt-pop of The Barenaked Ladies. Add in some roots music superlatives like acoustic instrumentation, plainspoken lyrics, and cadence style drums, The 502 are a soon to be a daytime festival favorite. This boisterous and colorful visual is a fitting introduction to a band that wears their feel-good mantra “it’s ok to be happy” boldly on their sleeves.

The 502s are a band on a mission to bring that message to the world, and through their music and live shows aim to create a safe and collaborative space for people to smile widely and appreciate the good things in life. That approach has resonated deeply with people, and just since October 2020 the band has had over 5000 people sign up for their virtual experience “Camp Feels Good”, and seen their videos explode on TikTok with millions of streams.

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