LISTEN: Maja Lena Dazzles On Cinematic & Immersing “Birch”

Maja Lena is the solo moniker and Swedish nickname of new Glide favorite, Marianne Parrish. She recently brought us news of her debut album, The Keeper along with the release of her most recent single ‘Birch.’

Take a listen to the splendid and immersed new single, “Birch” (below) from Maja Lena. Once again we find our songstress singing with dazzling style, swiftly cutting through the track with exquisite vocal control and inflection. Merging traditional folk flair with modern and powerful instrumentation, “Birch” is another nostalgic and film-worthy expression, vivid and pictorial in its essence.

“Birch” is a song about feeling vulnerable yet elated. About starting a new phase of life and love, yet also knowing that this elation could be snatched away at any given moment. The Birch tree here is a symbol for this feeling, and its branches moving in the wind resemble a feeling of freedom and excitement.” Marianne explains. “Birch was the first song written for my debut album The Keeper, so it feels like an extra special one to release. The video was filmed entirely on Super 8 in The Lake District by my good friend Martha Webb, whose work I’ve long admired. She also made the incredible dress that I am wearing in the video.”


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