LISTEN: Nari’s Delivers Haunting Anti-Love Anthem “Lower My Expectations”

Narisa Khamvanthong (Nari) was born and raised in the Bay Area of California, and always enjoyed the music scene there but never thought she’d be getting into music herself. As she started getting more familiar with the bands and artists in her community, she finally decided to pick up the guitar and write her own songs.

More recently, while away at school in Lexington, Kentucky, she started writing songs and uploading them to Soundcloud. The reactions from her friends, musical peers, and complete strangers was extremely positive and lead to a collaboration with Nashville’s Okey Dokey and some discovery from fans around the country.

Nari’s latest single “Lower My Expectations” was inspired by the disappointments faced in her own dating life. “I had gone on a couple dates with a guy who I thought was a pretty great guy, and one day he asked me out and was 40 minutes late,” she explains. “Any sane person would’ve left after like 15 minutes but I sat there and waited on him for that time. I felt extremely stupid and every time after that, he let me down.”

This encounter, although disheartening, proved to be a moment of personal growth for Nari. “Since then I’ve been pretty self-aware when I was expecting too much out of someone too early or if I was lowering my standards and expectations just to have someone who will stick around.” 

Check out Nari’s “Lower My Expectations” where her robust vocals call to mind the multi-dimensional flavors of Jenny Lewis and First Aid Kit.

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