LISTEN: Benedikt Creates Mellow Folk Nostalgia On ‘Head On A Spike”

Benedikt is a music collective from Oslo, Norway, formed and led by Hans Olav. Give a listen to their symphonic and beautiful new single “Head on a Spike.”With intimate and emotional vocal outpouring from Olav, the 9-piece indie-folk group creates a spherical instrumental landscape filled with fluttering strings and angelic harmonies. “Head on a Stick” is a melodically familiar yet innovative and breathtaking folk song. This is the fourth single from Benedikt’s forthcoming album Balcony Dream set to release April 16th. Check out the track below…

“Head On A Spike” is a personal anthem about growing up in a small town. With a mellow nostalgia, it’s looking back on losing innocence and gaining new perspectives. All the while growing more self-loathing than self-confident along the way. It was born out of revisiting places from our life that we, without noticing it ourselves, must have tried to forget about.”

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