LISTEN: Creeptones Drop Shades of Chillwave & Pysch Rock on “Vacant Winds”

Formed in 2010, Creeptones have been playing, writing, and performing together for over ten years.

Check out the chillwave vibey new single “Vacant Winds” from New Jersey-based Creeptones. Set to a synth saturated backdrop, heavy backbeat moves as the track becomes fused with organic instrumentation and steady vocal musing. Lead singer Carmine Stoppiello projects with emotional depth, cutting a lyrical landscape out of a rich world of euphoric tone. Echoes of Washed Out and Tame Impala’s alt-psych musings, run neon musical colors over this ripe musical message.

“Our newest single, “Vacant Winds” was written after longtime Creeptones collaborator and friend Nico Lucido sent me lyrics out of the blue when the pressures of today’s society were really wearing on me. “Let go the pain that imprisons you…you know you can drift into present mind.” A simple phrase that is easier said than done – but to those willing – it’s a wake-up. Nico and I have worked together since 2009 yet we hadn’t written a song in years, and this was a chance to share a positive message during a time where most of us could probably use a pick me up. I went home and finished writing the song the same day he sent me the lyrics.”


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