LISTEN: Jacklen Ro Sum Serves Up Sunny Twee Pop Glory Via “”Hollywood (I’m Good)”

Jacklen Ro is best friends, Caelen Perkins and Jacqueline Giroux. Their smart, quirky indie-pop is hinged on chemistry that manifests itself in harmonies, humor, and a contagious sense of wonder.

Check out the sunshiny new single “Hollywood (I’m Good)” (below) from recent Los Angeles transplants Jacklen Ro. A real-life sentiment turned song, this is a tune dedicated to the duo fleeing their small town for the big and bold city. With a sarcastic, yet inviting complexion, Jacklen Ro fills the sonic landscape with tactile and passionate vocal outpouring, leaning into the actuality that they did make the right decision with the big move. “Hollywood (I’m Good)” is a lively composition blending twee feels from The Beach Boys to Dr. Dog.

“Hollywood (I’m Good)’ is about moving on from a relationship with a partner who was not willing to move on — being GOOD but finding out that your ex is upset and stuck on you. For us, going to Hollywood was like leaving the girl from the small town … not only leaving the girl behind, but leaving your whole life behind. We did go to Hollywood and that was literal, but it was also a metaphor for leaving the tiny, small-town world for a giant city world of new people, new ideas and adventure. For the music video we had the idea of two kids going from a small town to the big city, hitting the skids, not having enough money and spazzing out, realizing how difficult is was to adapt to the lifestyle of the city,” the duo says. “But in the end, no matter where you are, if you are together as friends you can enjoy yourself.”

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