VIDEO PREMIERE: Grant Hill & M.O.S. Lend Gospel Meets Americana Touch On “Send Me An Angel”

Grant Hill and his band, M.O.S.’s debut album fly, depicts a journey of a man who didn’t quite know who he was until he got to each place along the way, whether it was the bar, the church, or moments in dark places. He’s got a survivalist attitude, a tough grin, and a lead foot for life at times, but his natural talent for storytelling and conveying emotions will impress everyone. Recorded at the legendary EastWest Studios in Los Angeles, California, with producer Les Camacho (Iggy Pop, Massive Attack), fly is set for release this Friday-  February 19, 2021.

Grant hails from Canada but has made Los Angeles his home for almost twenty years; he spent his younger days chasing his dreams by running into the wind and battling demons only to come out on the other side. As a teenager, he had his eye on L.A. to grow as a songwriter and performing artist by playing solo or with others in bands. Grant’s influences pull from iconic songwriters like Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen to the modern sounds of Griffin House and Anders Osborne; Grant can give the listener something to resonate with emotionally while he spins his lyrics. 

Each song on fly is one of a kind, whether it’s the title song, “Fly,” “Whisper,” or the powerful “Send Me An Angel,” Grant’s got an eye for perspective because he’s lived it all. Growing pains in Canada, hanging out on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, a successful businessman by 25, falling in and out love in Florida and before he took the bus back home to California. His journey is one for the ages, climbing up, falling to picking himself back up by the bootstrap

“Send Me An Angel” his upcoming second single off of fly, infuses the philosophy of Bob Marley with soaring rock chords, Grant writes about surrendering to a higher level. Along life’s journey, there are times we will call on The Universe to give us some divine intervention to see more clearly. This kind of vision gave Grant the sense he knew something bigger than himself was driving the process of how the art is created as he wrote this song.

Glide is premiering the video for “Send Me An Angel” (below) as Hill lends his fervently emotive vocals with an aching soul that crosses the plateau of Americana and gospel. M.O.S. provides the orchestral flair in this back-to-basics song offering.

“Sometimes you gotta ask The Universe to send you an angel to guide you through the maze of life,” says Hill.


Photo by Julia Ewan

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