LISTEN: Francis of Delirium Drops Super-Charged Rock Stunner Via “Let It All Go”

Born out of a bedroom, Vancouver-based Francis of Delirium was created by 18-year-old Jana Bahrich who later invited drummer and producer, Chris Hewett to help form an indie rock band. Based in Luxembourg, together they synthesize grunge and Gen Z indie rock to deliver a powerful sound that works to reinforce Bahrich’s high energy, unsparing vocal delivery, and her genuine passion to connect with each member of the audience; intimacy. Bahrich has the innate ability to write songs that are overtly personal explorations of her inner monologues with an intensity of emotion in her songwriting that is just vague enough to allow these songs to transpose themselves into something universally relatable.

Check out the super-charged new single, “Let It All Go” (below) from Francis of Delirium. With captivating cadence and staggering vocal control, Jana Bahrich struts across the track with cunning evocation. A powerful and robust track, “Let It All Go” rides on sharp guitar work alongside a driving rhythm section, providing raw and heartfelt emotion ala Angel Olsen and Phoebe Bridgers.

“It’s set over one night at a party, and eventually resulting in the acceptance and letting go of a relationship that is broken. The song is very confessional so it’s written in this stream of consciousness almost in a spoken word kind of way. Let It All Go chronicles a full commitment to isolation. To me the song feels like this vertigo, justifying and grappling and releasing. Trying to take back your anger from before, that how someone hurt you doesn’t matter and you can move past it, “I’m so sorry I was overbearing and I’m so sorry I thought this meant something”. Eventually there’s this acceptance, you have to let go. Although removing yourself is the healthier option, you also descend into a space of isolation,” says Bahrich.


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