SONG PREMIERE: Woodlock Creates Dynamic Gusty Soundscapes On “The Watchmaker”

New Zealand-born brothers Zech Walters and Eze Walters struck up a friendship with Bowen Purcell after moving to Australia. In search of adventure, the three traveled around the country busking, before eventually settling in Melbourne. Woodlock’s international profile kicked off with headline tours through the Philippines, China, and Canada off the back of the standout single “Something Broke That Day.”

Simultaneously, the title track of their Sirens EP reached iTunes Top 50 charts and Top 10 spots on Spotify’s viral charts globally. Now signed to Nettwerk Records, the trio has been recording new music over nine months in a variety of locations –from Bowen’s garage to Homesurgery Recordings in Melbourne–and working with producers Hayden Calnin and Jackson Barclay. The new music –a dynamic mix of organic, acoustic elements, and electronic flourishes –is a breathtakingly candid collection of songs about heartbreak, trauma, and hope.

Glide is premiering “The Watchmaker, a cinematographic track from Woodlock’s forthcoming debut record, Future Of An End. Cast in a world of sonic warmth and ethereal makeup, a metronomic clock ticks in the background, blanked by retrained piano musing. Zech Walters croons softly with vocal warmth and sincere intimacy. “The Watchmaker” builds on the rain-soaked playbook of Britsh artists Elbow and Editors.

“It’s a strange thing to write about your attempt on your life. It’s another matter entirely to release it to the world; it’s like having your confessional booth on a podcast. In a sense, it’s scary, but in another, I think it’s honesty that is needed. We’ve become too ok with pretending life is perfect when it isn’t. It took me being brutally honest with myself to begin the process of coming out of it,” says Zech.

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