LISTEN: Lasers Lasers Birmingham Brings Fresh Outlook On Country Music Via “Can You Believe My Luck”

Tipping the Stetson hat that covers his scruffy hair, Lasers Lasers Birmingham carries on the legacy of hard-living, left-of-center country music from the city of angels. Warning, the first full-length album from Los Angeles-based Lasers Lasers Birmingham, found Alex Owen, the man behind the moniker, walking a tightrope between honkytonk persona, real-life, and near death. Now Lasers Lasers Birmingham is back with a brand new song. 

Glide has happily discovered a damning righteous swinging new track from Lasers Lasers Birmingham. Coupled with a video, “Can You Believe My Luck” (below) is fixed to a seesaw groove shaded with psychedelic guitar color and twinkling keys.  Owen croons with a charming tone and engaging vocal temperament. A fresh outlook on country music, Lasers Lasers Birmingham is a rising alt-country artist who deserves our attention.

Owen says he is inspired by classic country but with themes that are very “un-country”.  Explaining further he said, “I believe the job of the artist is to report on their time, place and experience.  So, it would be inauthentic of me to attempt to sound exactly like my country music heroes.” With a knack for lyrics, phrasing and songwriting, Owen accomplishes what he sets out to do and The Daily Country has described his music as, “…awash in modern day storytelling that retains true, traditional country sensibilities.”


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